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Oxford PAT Guide 2016
Matthew French, Createspace Publishing, 2019

Print Version ISBN 978-1096188698 Amazon UK


Finding your way in the undergraduate physics laboratory (Pantaneto Introductory Physics Series)
Matthew M J French, Pantaneto Press, 2013
Print Version ISBN 978-0-9549780-8-2 Amazon UK Amazon US
Kindle Version ISBN 978-0-9549780-9-9 Amazon UK Amazon US




Changing Fonts in Education: Time Dependence
M. M. J. French
Note of a small scale trial (2013) pdf


Changing Fonts in Education: How the Benefits Vary with Ability and Dyslexia
M. M. J. French, A. M. Blood, N. D. Bright, D. Futak, M. J. Grohmann, A. Hasthorpe, J. P. Heritage, Remy. L. Poland, S. J. M. Reece and J. A. Tabor
Journal of Educational Research 106 301 (2013) pdf
Press Release pdf
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Greensheets pdf
Special Children Magazine Sept. 2013


Making a Bowling Ball Pendulum
M. M. J. French
Phys. Ed. 54 033003 (2019) pdf


Magnetism in the new GCSE
M. M. J. French
Phys. Ed. 51 035003 (2016) pdf


Sprout Power
M. M. J. French
Phys. Ed. 49 275 (2014) pdf


Losing Weight: the Physics Diet
M. M. J. French
Phys. Ed. 48 136 (2013) pdf


Using the Science Museum's Mystery Boxes as a Model for Science
M. M. J. French
School Science Review 94 347 (2012) pdf


Mobile Phone Faraday Cage
M. M. J. French
Phys. Ed. 46 290 (2011) pdf


Visualising How a Fuse Works
M. M. J. French
Phys. Ed. 46 139 (2011) pdf


Making Liquid Oxygen
M. M. J. French and Michael Hibbert
Phys. Ed. 45 221 (2010) pdf


The Wonders of Levitation
M. M. J. French
Phys. Ed. 45 37 (2010) pdf
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